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Introducing our new Planika range

Introducing our new Planika range

March 24th at 12:00am

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new Planika range, now in-store and ready to order at Grate Expectations.

This new range allows us to stock a brilliant selection of bioethanol fires, plus increase our fantastic offering of electric and outdoor fires.

To give you a sneak peek, we've highlighted four of our new Planika fires below. However, this is very much just a taster, so make you sure check out our complete range over on our product page. (To refine your search, Brand>Planika).

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to get in touch — we're super excited to discuss these brilliant new fires with all our customers.

Planika Galio

The Planika Galio Insert is a gas fire burner with two fuel options—natural gas or LPG gas bottles—and comes equipped with numerous safety sensors and additional features, making it both safe and convenient.

Thanks to the premium quality glazing, made of antireflective ceramic glass, the Valentino is another incredibly elegant product from Planika.

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Planika FLA3 / FLA3+

The FLA3 is one of Planika’s best, which is why it’s often referred to as the world’s first “intelligent fireplace”.

This long fireplace insert comes with all state-of-the-art solutions — like temperature, seismic and tilting sensors, wireless control, and an automatic refuelling system.

The length and finishing of this luxurious fireplace can be customised to suit the customer, while the fuel tank, made of thick stainless steel, helps ensure safety.

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Planika Panorama

The Planika Panorama is a fire with striking length, measuring 1200mm, and can burn for approximately 9 hours.

Conveniently, the Panorama can be installed without a chimney connection, as it comes as a complete solution with two vents.

Thanks to its zero-clearance feature, the Panorama can be implemented into a wall made from combustion materials.

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Planika Scandi

Scandi is Planika's freestanding bioethanol fireplace. This plug & play solution does not need a flue or vent.

A cut-out at the top allows you to connect your own flue, or add an additional decorative pipe — helping to distribute heat higher around the room.

It comes with a remote control included.

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